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My Story

My Story

For years, I've been coming up with labor-saving ideas, many of which have been utilized by my family members. While I've never pursued patents for my creations, I've always found joy in helping others with my inventions.

The Origin

One of my standout ideas came during my time as a school custodian. Faced with the challenge of sweeping the entire school in a short time frame, I devised a simple yet effective solution: I removed the handle from a weed wacker and attached it to a push broom. This allowed for easier maneuverability and enabled me to sweep the entire school in just half an hour. Onlookers marveled at my efficiency in making the ergonomic design, sparking my journey into the world of invention.

Beginning a New Chapter

I'm embarking on a new chapter by establishing tonysinventions.com. This platform serves as a resource to bring my ideas to market, drive engagement, and potentially collaborate with investors or manufacturing groups interested in bringing my innovations to life. Join me as we explore the possibilities and turn ingenious ideas into reality.